You may own and run the best company in your industry, but if no one knows about it, you might as well not exist. This is where a powerful branding campaign can really help you extend your business’s identity and get you noticed in the marketplace.

Branding Agency

DesignSpinners is a firm that specializes in integrating design concepts across multiple platforms, including print, websites and social media.

Our creative team offers logo design services that combine the best typographical elements, colors and shapes to produce a memorable brand that truly represents the goods and services you provide.

Branding Solutions

Whether you need a new brand created from scratch or require assistance integrating your existing brand into new products, the experts at DesignSpinners will sit down and consult with you to create a campaign to boost your bottom line.

We work with a wide variety of companies, including members of the entertainment industry, helping them achieve their large scale marketing goals.

Please contact us today to find out why DesignSpinners is the branding agency Los Angeles, CA businesses have come to trust and rely upon for all their promotional needs.



Logo Design

Branding: Identity Design through colors, shape, typography and imagery. A beautiful logo should be concise, elegant, and simple yet unique. We’ve create logos for businesses of all kinds. Each one is hand crafted from scratch based on your vision and dream. We work with you every step of the process and take in your feedback to create a final product that you are as much a part of creatively as we are. At the end of the logo creative lifecycle, you will receive your source logo files that can then be used across all your materials in print, web and multimedia for years to come.

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Entertainment Industry

DesignSpinners has extensive experience with not only creating brands from scratch but also with integrating existing high- profile brands into future products and services. Below are samples of projects that we have worked on with Entertainment Companies to help further their current brand using today’s technology and main-stream marketing platforms such as social media, online gaming, and video interviews. We have created full marketing campaigns for the Big Network through banner ad and creative media takeovers of full websites as well as created custom design screens for games and experiences online.

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Large Scale Marketing

Some projects are a bit more extensive and require more than just a poster or banner. We have worked with many clients for trade-shows, booth designs, barricade artwork and exterior sign-age including parking garage signs, shopping center signs, and special event graphics. No matter how grand the event, we will work to create marketing materials that are larger-than-life and sure to draw attention from the crowd.

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