De-cluttered Pantry Using Design Philosophy

Okay so yes I’m a graphic designer by profession but I bring my design eye into everything I do.  Just like everyone my home gets into a cluttered mess at times. My latest project was my pantry.
Every time I went in there it was driving me crazy because it would take me so much time to find anything in there and often times I completely missed that I had something stuck under a basket or pile of other stuff. So I decided to do something about it. With a little budget I decided to cluttered, throw away things I didn’t use or were expired and completely empty every shelf. I looked at every single item and tossed out probably 1/3 of the items that just weren’t any good anymore. I then purchased clear canisters of a variety of sizes to house all the dried cooking ingredients that I use often. After that I purchased a few wire baskets and clear shelf baskets to house miscellaneous items like canned goods and dried food packets. It was about a 2 day project all in, but can I tell you it was like a therapy session!