YoYo Chinese

I’m very excited for my client to announce the re-launch with a fresh brand Designed By Vani for Yoyo Chinese!

Happy Feet Two App Design!

Vani collaborated with SLAM on creating the front end design for this adorable app featuring the penguins of Happy Feet Two!

Beautiful Butterfly

Teach your child about the magic of mixing colors with this simple, quick and GORGEOUS painted butterfly exercise! Take a sheet of finger paint glossy paper. Fold it in half.…

Painted Family Pot

Looking for a creative way to document the cherished members in your family? Many years ago we started a tradition in my home to paint the names of our family…

3D Name Wall Art

                            Have you ever flipped through catalogs and said “Wow that’s an awesome piece of art for…

Jatin’s Thankful Tree 2011

Thankful Tree Okay I got such great feedback from the first project that I’m sure you’ll all love this one too! I interviewed Jatin and asked him to tell me…