What is Graphic Design?

Successful business owners sometimes find themselves focusing more on the nuts and bolts of running their company than on the images needed to represent their brand in the marketplace.

You’ve heard of graphic design and know it is part of marketing and promotions, but you may not be sure exactly what is involved in the graphic design process. Before you select a graphic design company, it’s a good idea to understand the basics of what a graphic designer actually does.

Any time you have a message to communicate using visual elements, including drawings, photos, text and color, a graphic designer is called for. Put simply, graphic design involves combing images and words to create ads, product packaging, posters, signs and anything else that you want to promote and sell.

What Can a Graphic Designer Do for You?

A talented graphic designer can take your basic concept, even if you can only draw stick figures, and turn it into an effective work of art that will catch people’s attention and boost your bottom line.

Graphic designers typically can work in multiple styles to meet the particular needs of each project.

Why Use Graphic Design?

You can’t just throw together a random assortment of pictures and type out your message using whatever font appears at the top of the list in your software. Successful business owners use professional graphic designers because they know that marketing efforts must be carefully planned out to maximize their impact.

As top graphic designers in Los Angeles, the professionals at DesignSpinners know exactly how to present your company, product or event in the best possible light. You can focus on facts, such as your low prices and diagrams of your products, or evoke strong emotions with carefully selected beautiful images and the perfect set of colors to match the mood.

Examples of Graphic Design Projects:

  • Website Design
  • Brochures
  • Infographic Designs
  • Advertisement
  • Flyer announcing sale
  • Product packaging
  • Book cover for company president’s memoirs
  • Product instruction sheet
  • Money-saving coupons

How DesignSpinners can Help You

If you’re looking for the best graphic designers LA has to offer, you’ve found them in the talented team at DesignSpinners.

Led by preeminent designer Vani Gundara, we at DesignSpinners will sit down with you and discover what kinds of images you want to develop to showcase your products and services.

We’ll combine the pictures with pleasing color schemes and the most suitable font and text treatment. The DesignSpinners team relies on our many years of experience to deliver you riveting graphic design work that sets your business apart from the competition.

For details on the graphic design process at DesignSpinners or to set up an appointment to work on your next project, please contact us today.