Online Marketing and Design Services

We live in an Internet-empowered world. In fact, when we wish to learn more about a company, our first resource is usually the Internet. Proper online marketing ensures that businesses have a strong online footprint. But what exactly is an online footprint? An online footprint represents the ease with which a potential customer or fellow businessman can find your company in an online search. However, DesignSpinners approach to online marketing is more than simply making a website, conducting an SEO campaign for clients to discover your company. DesignSpinners online marketing service is the captain, coach, and team all wrapped into one component.

DesignSpinners offers a variety of design services, which are geared to help your business increase its online footprint through a successful online marketing campaign. Social media customization, e-newsletters, and craigslist-ads are places where an online marketer can help your company become more noticeable. Social media experts will create a customized campaign that cohesively targets potential and current customers. E-newsletters are an online marketer’s “dream team;” they offer the opportunity to stay connected with customers through informative company updates.

DesignSpinners out-of-the-box thinking will help your company create a visually appealing Craigslist-ad, which will stand out from the crowd and attract only the best of employees.



Social Media Customization

So you’ve got your branding logo and website done. What’s next? Let us help you cohesively spread your brand into the world of social media. We can create custom backgrounds for your YouTube account. We can create custom headers and backgrounds for your Twitter Account as well as custom Facebook Cover images, Profile images and tab designs to connect all your online data together both visually and functionally.

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E-Newsletter Design

We can create custom designed e-newsletter campaigns to fit the brand and style of your company and feature your latest products, services or promotions! We can create a custom template for you and integrate with systems like MailChimp, Vertical Response and Constant Contact. All you’ll have to do is hit send when it’s ready for distribution!

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Craigslist Ad Design

We help you take your marketing efforts to a new place. Millions of people now search on Craigslist for local or national services and products. We offer our clients custom layouts blending their text content, imagery and key messaging to make their ads stand out from their competition online.

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