Social Media Customization : Play up your Brand

It’s important to tie in the name of your Facebook and Twitter business page with your brand and your website. Analyze things before you make a firm choice on Facebook because if you need to make a change, you can probably only do it once and with good reason. You will have to supply Facebook with information that clearly identifies your business as yours such as phone bills, etc.

Social Media Agency

Design concepts should be consistent across multiple platforms and that’s something we do on a regular basis. Our dynamic approach is to design things from a user perspective.

Our Social Media Advertising Approach is to Keep it Fresh

Facebook strongly recommends changing cover shots on a regular basis because it adds freshness and interest. The same holds true for Twitter. Creating and changing a customized cover shot is an even better idea.

One concept is a montage of events such as your team at a special event, your CEO receiving an industry award, a Bring Your Daughter to Work photo, and a studio shot of your new radio show. The use of video on Facebook is important, and that’s one thing they can help you with as well.

DesignSpinners…the Only Choice

DesignSpinners has an extraordinary reputation for visionary designs that combine branding and marketing from everything from social media customization, enhancements and websites to e-commerce. They do it at affordable prices with effective SEO results that help you success.

They’re into building brands…let them help you build yours.