Hell Of A Jelly

Hell Of-A Jelly is a southern California based creative kitchen specializing in hot, flavorful handcrafted jalapeño jams.

Gundara Design Inc./Design Spinners was delighted to work with the founders, a husband and wife duo. The client already had a brilliant product but needed a brand identity and package design to match their spectacular, spicy jams. We created a logo to use across all their product materials and then created a color guide. This guide associated each flavor in the line of jams with a distinct color family. The colors and brand were then used on banners, backdrops and tablecloths to help this local brand stand out during farmers markets and other events.

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Your Product Deserves To Be Ahead Of The Competition

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Radiate Professionalism With Uniform Branding Across All Mediums

Hell Of-A-Jelly needed to show they meant business, both at the farmers market and online.