AIPA Site Launched

We’re very excited to announce the launch of a new website

Mi Vida En Sayulita MTV

A new show from Latin America has been picked up by MTV and Vani has been chosen to do the online marketing including the social media facebook cover timeline art, the logo for the show as well as the user experience for the upcoming show website and store!

Theosphere UX Design

We are so excited to share an amazing User Experience Design Project that’s been in work for many months.

Roopa Jeevaji

Just launched a website for a very talented actress Roopa Jeevaji!

Cardboard Box Garage

Funny how sometimes the simplest stuff turns into the most amazing toys! We got a package in the mail and our son quickly saw the cardboard box it came in…

Subaru Summer Solstice 2012

Finished the print design marketing as well as the t-shirt design for the Subaru Summer Solstice 2012!

Stephen Barker

Just finished an album cover design for the very talented Stephen Barker!