At Design Spinners, we pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for all your needs.  Why spend your time and energy maintaining an account, related logins and the headaches associated with hosting?  Let us handle your hosting and ongoing maintenance needs!  You’ve spent time, money and energy on a beautiful site, now protect your investment with a hosting and maintenance package designed to keep your website spam/virus free, always backed up and updated to the latest version of WordPress.  This way your site can always look its best on all the latest devices and requirements!

Benefits of Hosting with Design Spinners:

  • SECURITY – Protect your site from being hacked!  Imagine going to your website and seeing all text in foreign language.  You will be unable to login and regain control.  In some cases, the entire site would have to be built again.  What if you process transactions and obtain customer info?  You can’t afford to leave your site unsecured.  We provide the best protection for your valuable website.
  • BACK UPS – We provide monthly, automatic back ups of your website.  This can be important in event of something happening, we can easily revert back to a saved version of your site and not have to rebuild.  Backing up your site monthly is important.
  • AUTOMATIC UPDATES – WordPress is constantly releasing new patches and security updates.  We will automatically update your site to the latest WordPress version each time one is released and keep you 100% up to date and secure.  This also keep your site running fast which is good for search engines.
  • SPEED – We offer the very best hosting services in terms of speed.  Speed is good for search engines.
  • UPTIME – Our hosting provides 99.95% uptime and 24/7 support if needed which is industry leading.

Choose one of the options below:

Gold Tier

Hosting & Support

$99 Per Month

Includes hosting space and automatic weekly backups of your production site so your information is not lost in the event of a mishap. Also includes automatic WordPress updates and installation so your site continues to run smooth and fast with the latest technology and security PLUS up to 1 hour of edits or design time per month to keep your site maintained and fresh (typically billed at $95/hour). In addition, you will receive 24/7 support and 99.95% website uptime.

Platinum Tier

Hosting & Support

$250 Per Month

Includes all of the features of the Gold Tier PLUS up to 4 hours of monthly design and consultation which can be used for your website, social media or any of your print marketing design needs.

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