Fingerprint Animals

What a wonderful and simple craft to do with a child of any age! My kid like all loves to get his fingers dirty with paint! So I let him 🙂 I gave him a simple watercolor set. Added a few drops of water in each color and a white sheet of paper. He had fun dipping his little fingers into the paint and putting his prints down on the paper. Once he had his fun, I told him to let it dry. He said – what is it? I told him that I would make it into all his favorite animals. He said, okay – make a fish, a dinosaur, and a shark! So, when nap time came, I got my Mommy fun time and took a sharpie marker to the dried sheet of finger prints and turned it into a sea of creatures! I left the finished product on my son’s desk and he was AMAZED and so excited to see what his lovely art had turned into. For older kids, they can even take a pen or pencil and make their own creatures out of their prints.

Try this technique for a card, wrapping paper, art to frame, a bookmark etc… Have fun with it!
 Enjoy! Vani