How Important Is Content On Your Website?

The Type of Content To Include on Your WebsiteA lot of companies that reach out to Design Spinners for their websites want something bright, eye-catching, and beautiful.

We always use branded colors, designs, shapes that draw in the eye, and other design features that make websites stand out from the competition. However, even if you have the most fantastic website design, your website will still fall flat if your content isn’t at the same level as your design. Think of the design as the trailer to a movie. It draws people in and gets them interested in what you have to say. Your content is the movie. It’s the star of the show and the reason people stay on your site.

But isn’t content part of the design? Yes, it is. However, you need to have your content ready to go before you start the design process. Your content is your brand message and how you want people to view your company. If you use technical terms and a professional tone, the design will be different from a site that uses slang, emojis, and a more laid-back tone. The content you put on your website can be many different things. It can be copywriting, videos, or pictures. The content on your site is also used to enhance your SEO and tell all those bots searching the internet what your site is about. If your content is not reflective of the keywords your target audience is using to search for your service, you won’t show up in the search results. Having detailed and relevant content also shows your audience that you are a leader in your industry. Explaining your processes, using video and pictures to highlight customer satisfaction, showing off your talents with a behind-the-scenes video, or showing the progress of a project, are all great ways to keep people on your website.  

You can also include internal links in your content. Internal links are links on your website that will take a user to a different part of your site. This could be a link on your homepage that goes to a portfolio or a contact us page. Internal links are great ways to send users to relevant pages quickly so they can find the information they need. A call to action (CTA) is also a vital part of your content. Your CTA can be contact us, schedule an appointment, sign up for a newsletter, get a free demo, or purchase something. Whatever your CTA is, make sure it’s easy for your users to complete the action. 

What are some ways to get content for your website? Well, if you don’t have anyone in-house, you can always hire a copywriter that will write everything for you. Usually, professional copywriters will have a good idea of how to help your SEO and will use a tone of voice that matches your brand. Creating videos and pictures is pretty easy to do with phones nowadays, but if you don’t think you can create audio/visual content that will fit your website, you can hire someone to make it for you. Yes, this can come at a pretty penny, but it all goes to increasing your conversions, which means increasing your revenue. If you don’t want to spend the extra money, look at who you currently have on your team to help create content. Several different video services, like Loom, can help you create explainer videos or “about me” videos for your content. 

There are some things you want to stay away from when it comes to content. Stay away from low-quality video. Any video you upload to your site should be in 1080p, so users are enticed to watch it. Steer clear of generic stock photos as well. Yes, there is a time and place for stock photos, and they can work until you have pictures of your own that you can use, but using stock photos makes your site less personable. You might be using the same image that a 100 other websites are using, which doesn’t help you stand out. Custom photography shows your credibility and will help your audience connect with you.

At Design Spinners, we work with you in every step of the process to make sure your brand message comes across on your website. You tell us your message, content, and vision, and we bring it to life. We know that solid content and compelling design can strengthen your brand message. We follow the latest web design trends and put our flair on them. If you need a new website or want to revamp your current site, we can help! Contact us today, and we can talk about your needs.