Home Smiles

Homesmiles has bundled the eighteen most important home safety and maintenance items into a single one-call service.

Gundara Design Inc./Design Spinners partnered with homesmiles.com to establish a compelling visual brand identity for their customer service-oriented business, tailored to homeowners in Northern California’s Palo Alto region. Our collaboration involved crafting a complete brand identity, encompassing uniform and vehicle design concepts, along with the development of a customized online booking service integrated into their website, homesmiles.com.

Corporate Branding

Logo Design

Company Apparel / Uniforms

Print Marketing Design

Custom Vehicle Wrap

WordPress Website Design

Connect With Customers Online And In Their Homes

Homesmiles leveraged our resources to build a presence in their community for their new service.

Style And Color Can Come Together To Make Your Brand Pop

We worked with Homesmiles to recreate their identity, giving new life to their marketing materials.