Tween Boys Room Makeover

Featured Project // My son’s tween room makeover

About a year ago I started looking at my then 9-year old’s room and realized it was a total “baby room.” It still had the same pastel blue walls, baby rug with city lines to ride his cars on, car bedding etc. That’s when I started this mission to re-do his room into something he can grow in and not feel like it’s a little boy’s room. Now 10 he is so excited to have his “grown up” room.

Special Mentions

We kept the big oversized letters that I made when he was 1 year old. Instead of being in his room, we moved that to his bathroom and upgraded the figurines that sit on top of the letters to what his taste in characters is now. We also kept the wooden bench that I wood burned and painted from when I was still pregnant with him. That has become his piano bench! We hand painted the Pokémon canvas above his bed, bought and framed the Back to the Future poster and found vintage prints of original concept art from Disneyland’s Tomorrowland, Space Mountain and the Monorail. Of course, you’ll see nods to Star Wars with the Darth Vader mask from his Halloween costume a few years ago sitting in his shelf, and a mini movie poster hanging on the walls. We also bought a beautiful blanket that has all the Mario Brothers symbols on it from The dogs on his bed were mine from the 80’s! We cleared up space for him to display his Lego creations on his bookshelf.

Things to Keep in Mind

Kids don’t need to keep everything they have every been gifted or played with for an eternity. We went through every drawer, closet nook and cranny and donated many of his old toys that he simply had not touched in years. He kept 2 tins of his favorite cars and trains, and 1 basket of stuffed animals. Besides that, anything that isn’t something he’s currently in to is now in the hands of some other children. It allows him to have room to grow and expand and have space to enjoy whatever his hobbies and interests are in the future.