Who Is Design Spinners?

A Quick Introduction to Design Spinners

Hello! We’re Design Spinners, your one-stop shop for all things design! From logo creation to website design, we can do anything and everything. But who exactly is Design Spinners?

I’m Vani Gundara, and I started Design By Vani in the early 2000’s which was officially incorporated as my company Design Spinners in 2011. I have over 20 years of experience in the creative and web industry, and I’ve worked with companies all over the globe, from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. However, without my background and passion for design, Design Spinners wouldn’t be what it is today.

From a very young age, I found my passion for art when I decided to run my crayons all over the walls of my home. That was just the start of a long and incredible journey with art and design. Art and design were always a huge part of my childhood, which carried on into my young adult life. I went to college at UCLA and received my BA in Design | Media Arts from the School of Arts and Architecture. At that time, the world wide web and social media were just beginning to leap into the forefront of business. I worked at Boeing for many years as a versatile technologist where I learned the love of blending design with technology. This gave me a strong working knowledge of how to design and create eye-catching branded assets for use on multiple platforms. When I’m not being creative and helping companies bring their brand to the next level, you can find me watching “Cobra Kai” or ” or “Gilmore Girls” while eating Salmon Sashimi and rolling around in the backyard on my new roller skates!!

When working with clients, I fuse vibrant color, dynamic design, and technical savvy in all of my graphic design projects, whether print or web-based. Keeping my clients involved in their projects is vital to me, and I strive to make my designs something that they fall in love with. Our approach is different from other design companies because we keep our clients so involved. So what is our process?

It starts with an interview. I want to get to know all of my clients, so we will talk about long-term, short-term, and immediate goals during our first interview. We will take our client’s needs and immediate goals and execute them with a plan in mind. We are also great at collaborating, and we love working with existing marketing teams to help complete their projects and meet deadlines. (PS. We don’t use cookie-cutter designs. Our creative assets are made with our own personal pizazz, creativity, and that extra look and feel to the boards.)

We hold over half a dozen certifications from Woman-Owned to Emerging Business Enterprise, and our superstar team of creative professionals will deliver results for businesses anywhere in the world. We are ready to take on your next project and help you with your corporate identity, branding across multiple platforms, website design, digital asset creations, and more. We never chat with you through a bot. When you want to talk to someone, you speak to a real person in real life. We are responsive and easy to work with, have global capabilities, and our entire network of experts becomes your network of experts when you work with us. Message us today to set up a call so we can launch your business to new heights!