Your Website Is the Public Face of Your Company.

What Are You Showing the World?

If you just cringed a bit reading that, here are some proven ways to improve your site.

  1. Make it Fast – A web page shouldn’t take more than 2 seconds to load. Resize images if they are slowing download time. A slow or outdated website is a sure way to lose potential customers.
  2. Make it Simple – Site navigation should be clear and straightforward. The design should be bold, striking, and, yes, simple. A simple design lets visitors notice what you want them to see.
  3. Make Sure You Ask – Have a clear call to action. Site visitors should know what you want from them, whether it’s “book now” or “schedule a free consultation.”
  4. Make It Beautiful – 70% of our sensory input comes from our eyes. We’re hardwired to respond to pleasing design. Specific colors and images evoke certain feelings. Your landing page should capture people’s attention and let users know who you are as a company.
  5. Make It Sound Good – It’s not just graphic design that will make or break a site. The words you choose should evoke the feelings and actions you want to cultivate in your audience.
  6. Make It Mobile-Friendly – Don’t forget to design for mobile devices because the vast majority of your visitors will be on a tablet or phone. Play around with features that look amazing on both a desktop and mobile site.
  7. Make Sure It’s Optimized – A stunning website is a waste if no one is visiting it. Optimize your site with SEO keywords. Try using a meta tag and title on each page. Remember to put an alt tag on all images since it helps with accessibility.
  8. Make Your Brand Memorable – Your brand is more than your logo, slogan, or tagline. It’s the vibe you give off. It’s the things your customers will associate with you and remember about you, so you want to make sure your brand represents you. Once you’ve selected your branding, stick to it. Every inch of your website should represent your brand.
  9. Make Them Trust You – Every website needs a trust-building factor. Include testimonials, statistics, recommendations, reviews, or ratings. Potential clients need to see that others trust you, that you are qualified, and that the data shows your product or service works.

These tips can take your site from subpar to stellar. But how do you implement them? For that, you need expert designers and copywriters. That’s where I can help. Contact us to find out how I can help bring your website to life!