Why Branding Matters

Great Branding Allows You to Convey Who You Are to Customers Branding is perhaps the single most critical aspect of a company. Your brand encompasses your reputation, your message, your…

Is Your Website Up-To-Par With ADA Standards?

If you own a business or manage a website, you probably hear more and more about accessibility. Accessibility doesn’t mean that a random user can find your website; that’s what,…

Homemade Dollhouse

When I was young, I always dreamt of having a doll house. I would see commercials of these beautiful, highly decorative doll houses and thought “I need to get my…

De-cluttered Pantry Using Design Philosophy

Okay so yes I’m a graphic designer by profession but I bring my design eye into everything I do.  Just like everyone my home gets into a cluttered mess at times. My latest project was my pantry.
Every time I went in there it was driving me crazy because it would take me so much time to find anything in there and often times I completely missed that I had something stuck under a basket or pile of other stuff. So I decided to do something about it. With a little budget I decided to cluttered, throw away things I didn’t use or were expired and completely empty every shelf. I looked at every single item and tossed out probably 1/3 of the items that just weren’t any good anymore. I then purchased clear canisters of a variety of sizes to house all the dried cooking ingredients that I use often. After that I purchased a few wire baskets and clear shelf baskets to house miscellaneous items like canned goods and dried food packets. It was about a 2 day project all in, but can I tell you it was like a therapy session!

E3 2018

Not only were the games fun to experience and take in but the booth design and graphics associated to the live events are always my favorite. By far the most impressive layout was the Fortnite setup. Even had a chance to indulge in some live dancing with a Fortnite character. Had lunch while grooving to the Super Soul Bros. One day I’m going to have to hire them for some fun event! As always there was a pretty nice display of vintage memorabilia from the gaming industry which we always gravitate towards. Makes me feel like a kid again. People were going crazy for the Mystery Chest / Mystery Boxes. The boxes themselves were awesome to look at but when I asked a few folks how the gear was that they got inside they were less than enthused. New new Spider-Man trailer was pretty epic and the new Pokemon Game trailer had everyone screaming and clapping.