E3 2018

Not only were the games fun to experience and take in but the booth design and graphics associated to the live events are always my favorite. By far the most impressive layout was the Fortnite setup. Even had a chance to indulge in some live dancing with a Fortnite character. Had lunch while grooving to the Super Soul Bros. One day I’m going to have to hire them for some fun event! As always there was a pretty nice display of vintage memorabilia from the gaming industry which we always gravitate towards. Makes me feel like a kid again. People were going crazy for the Mystery Chest / Mystery Boxes. The boxes themselves were awesome to look at but when I asked a few folks how the gear was that they got inside they were less than enthused. New new Spider-Man trailer was pretty epic and the new Pokemon Game trailer had everyone screaming and clapping.

Tween Boys Room Makeover

Featured Project // My son’s tween room makeover
About a year ago I started looking at my then 9-year old’s room and realized it was a total “baby room.” It still had the same pastel blue walls, baby rug with city lines to ride his cars on, car bedding etc. That’s when I started this mission to re-do his room into something he can grow in and not feel like it’s a little boy’s room. Now 10 he is so excited to have his “grown up” room.

Gorgeous Green Girls Room Makeover

Today I share with you the completion of my daughter’s new bedroom!
Inspiration: My favorite color GREEN, with gold and white accents.

Special Items: Vintage Comforter, Hand Painted Name Canvas, Gold Accents, Painted Baby Bench, Vintage Dolls

Vani Featured in VoyageLA

Today we’d like to introduce you to Vani Gundara.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
Born and raised in the Valley. Yup I’m a “Valley Girl!” I’ve always been drawn to color, shapes, design and all things creative. My parents say they knew they had a budding artist when they caught me with a crayon in my hand sliding up and down the staircase at age 2 marking up the walls to see what pattern it would make as I descended. Luckily for me they encouraged and provided me with all the tools I needed to explore my passion. By the age of 10 I had a full portfolio of all my drawings which included my renditions of my favorite Disney Characters including my favorite of all time (Maleficent). By middle school, I started to dive into the modern / graphic arts and stopped copying stuff I had seen but started to draw and paint my own mixed media creations. I colored on everything from my favorite shoes to my backpacks.

Design Spinners Delivers!

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Client Showcase: Lori Fetrick Fit

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